NEWS: We are delighted to announce you that we successfully have finished our certification process by FM Global. On 22nd of March 2016, our company, HIGHBERG SOLUTION has been listed as a “FM Approved” company, being a galvanized steel tank producer for fire protection and not only.


When it comes to having success on an international market, there are some key factors which should be taken into consideration: a strategic and reliable management which is highlighted through the quality of the products, respectively consultancy and services provided by a successful company.

Therefore, HIGHBERG SOLUTION has become an important player both in Europe and Middle East, being a liquids and powders storage tanks’ PRODUCER with its own private Romanian capital coming with an experience of more than 10 years on the market.

The storage tanks manufactured by HIGHBERG SOLUTION are structurally designed and calculated by our own Design Department in order to be used at optimal parameters in any location or environment. Our company complies with the most severe criteria at an international level when it comes to the design, production and assembly of the storage tanks, as follows: FM Approved, NFPA, VdS, WRAS, ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001, etc.  


  • Galvanized steel and stainless steel tanks

    System Description Galvanized steel tanks are considered to be the most economical alternative when it comes to liquid storage. They can have a circular or rectangular section and represent the most popular solution when it comes to the storage of: Fire protection water; Drinking water; Irrigation water; Industrial and process water; Saltwater; Demineralized water; Waste […]

  • Glass lined steel tanks

    System Description Glass lined steel tanks are considered a reliable alternative when it comes to liquid storage. See below some of the reasons that most of our customers choose this type of solution: They are modular; They are available in many dimensions with capacities from 50 m3 to 25.000 m3; Custom design upon our customers’ […]

  • Rezervoarele rectangulare produse de HIGHBERG SOLUTION

    Rectangular tanks

    System description Rectangular tanks are the most efficient technical solution in order to fully dispose of the space designed for the tank. This type of tank can be used in different industries (i.e. fire protection, water supply and not only). The dimensions of the rectangular tanks will be made according to the site conditions (i.e. […]

  • Roof types

    With an experience of more than 10 years, our Design Department-Research & Development specialists can offer you the most efficient and suitable solution for the replacement of an existent roof. Moreover, the roofs designed and manufactured by HIGHBERG SOLUTION can cope with the most severe conditions imposed by any type of project. You have a […]

About us:

  • Consultancy and design

    Our experience is based on an individual “know-how” system but also on the successful results from our Design Department – Research &Development….


  • Production

    Since 2006 HIGHBERG SOLUTION has continuously invested in technologies and equipment in order to guarantee the quality of our products. We ensure the quality of each component of our tanks…

  • Assembly

    Top-Down Construction Method – ground level work (safety way of tank construction)
    – the tank upper shell ring (top ring) and tank roof are constructed first
    – each next successive tank shell rings are mounted using hydraulic jacks
    – after installation of the last shell ring (bottom ring) the tank base is anchored on the concrete foundation.


  • Service and maintenance

    The maintenance/ service and the cleaning of the tank provide a long sustainability of the tank and the liner regardless of its purpose. When it comes to cylindrical water galvanized storage tanks these services of maintenance and cleaning are mandatory. Highberg SOLUTION can provide you a complete maintenance service for steel water tanks and not only…


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